MBA Level Business Strategy In Los Angeles, California

MBA Level Business Strategy Program In Los Angeles, California

Host Company Description:

The host organization is an advisory company located in Los Angeles area. It serves a variety of
industries including financial and insurance firms, technology companies, healthcare sector, security and
building systems, recreation, travel, environment, software, etc. by offering services such as decision
support, business planning, consulting services, positioning/branding, brand development/strengthening,
precision pricing.



Position Description:

The participant will handle assigned projects in the field of market research, business development,
marketing communications and learn how to accomplish them on time. He/she will develop skills in
planning, research, analyzing potential customers and market, branding, etc. The participant will gain
skills in communication on a business level and will gain knowledge of how to promote product/services in order to increase their sale.



Applicant Qualifications:

»  To apply for the Internship program, applicants must be enrolled in graduate / post graduate
studies in business field OR a be recent graduates who begin program within 12 months of the graduation date
»  To apply for the Trainee program, applicants must hold MBA or advanced business degrees and have least 1 year of professional work experience related to the degree, OR be career professionals of 5 or more years of professional experience in this field
»  FLUENT English is required (written and spoken)
»  Only MBA applicants who have completed their studies will be considered
»  Excellent telephone skills, self-motivated, enthusiastic about Business, able to multitaskTo apply for the Internship program, you must be an undergraduate student of business 
management (logistics degrees preferred) OR a recent graduate starting the program within 12 months of graduation.

Start Date: May 2020
Hours: 32-40 per week
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Program Duration: 12 months
Compensation: month 7 to 12 – $1,650 per month 

Compensation: $14.00 per hour
Housing: not provided